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White Hair Treatment

Gray or white hair typically occurs naturally as people age Grey Hair especially in young is a symptom of improper protein synthesis. Hair grows white when the colour pigment (melanin) ceases to be produced in the hair follicle. Pigment cells located at the base of each hair follicle produce the natural hair colour. However, as a person grows older and reaches middle age, more and more of these pigment cells die and colour is lost from individual hairs. The result is that a person's hair gradually begins to turn grey. With age the melanocytes lose their ability to make pigment, so color is absent from new hair. For some people this can happen at a very young age (for example, at the age of 10).

Causes of early graying of Hair

Early graying of the hair may be hereditary, and we can inherit it from one of our parents. However, there is not enough research as to which genes are responsible.

Certain childhood skin disorders like vitiligo, tuberous sclerosis, Waardenburg syndrome and neurofibromatosis have been shown to induce the loss of hair pigmentation. Another cause of early graying is an overactive or underactive thyroid condition such as Grave's disease or Hashimoto's disease.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
A deficiency in vitamin B12 is associated with early graying of hair.

Grey hair can also be influenced by stress. A prolonged period of stress and anxiety, malnutrition, worry, shock, deep sorrow, tension may slow down the production of melanin resulting in grey hair. Severe illness too can affect the production of melanin.

How to prevent early graying/whitening of Hair

  • Diet is of utmost importance in the prevention of premature graying of hair and one should take a diet rich in all essential nutrients.
  • Foods such as white flour, refined sugar, soft drinks, pastries, jams and jellies should be avoided.
  • Milk/ Poultry/Meat products which are good sources of Vitamin B 12 are helpful. Avoid stress.
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