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New Born Clinic

Neonatal period [First 28 days of life] is the most crucial period of life. Small new born babies have their own set of medical problems. These include feeding problems, jaundice, respiratory problems and problems related to abdomen and kidneys. They may have congenital problems [birth defects] like congenital heart disease, metabolic diseases and other serious congenital problems. If the baby is pre-mature, he/she may have additional problems.

In recent years, newborn baby care has improved a lot. Better NICU care & better medications has led to better outcome in premature newborns also.

At Bindal clinic, new born babies (healthy and sick) are examined by an experienced child specialist in Gurgaon & appropriate advice regarding new born care is given to parents. In the case of first time parents, their queries regarding normal new born and child care are addressed and their apprehensions regarding day to day new born baby care are resolved.

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