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Chemical peels / Exfoliation

What are chemical peels?

Chemical Peels are treatments which are done for exfoliation of skin to variable depths. They are generally done with the help of acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid. They act by unblocking the logged pores and remove dead skin cells and also promote collagen production. These treatments expedite the rate of renewal of the skin and help to achieve healthy, clear, blemish free skin faster than conventional skin medications. The net result is glowing, flawless skin. It is also an anti aging procedure.

The application of the peel solution encourages the dull and damaged layers to shed off over the next 4-5 days. This hastens the cell cycle and these layers are replaced with healthy new skin. Sometimes this shedding is visible as flaking (peeling) of the skin.

Most commonly used chemical peels are extracts similar to those found in citrus fruits, sweet almonds, fermented milk, fermented fruits, honey, wine, berries, mushrooms, vinegar and other such ingredients. They may contain vitamins and antioxidants. Advanced peels contain a combination of these ingredients.

It is advised for acne, black heads, whiteheads and mild acne scars, oily skin, dull skin, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, and special occasions like bridal glow. Best results are achieved with 6-8 sittings at intervals of 15 days.

Chemical peeling requires about 15-20 minutes in the clinic. The area to be treated is first cleaned and then the peel solution is applied on the skin. A slight tingling sensation is expected. The chemical agents then act to separate and "peel" the outer surface layers of the skin. These layers often contain dead skin which is removed during the process. The chemical agents serve to stimulate the generation of new skin cells. During the application, patients may experience a cool, warm, or hot sensation that can last for ten minutes or more.

It is a completely painless procedure.

A gradual improvement is seen with every session.

Older versions and cheaper quality peels in the hands of inexperienced professionals may have adverse effects on the skin. Some saloons, aestheticians and some commercial skin clinic chains may offer peels which are basic and part of a preset Menu.

Chemical peeling done under the guidance of a qualified Cosmetic Dermatologist, who has in depth knowledge of the subject, is a safe procedure.

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