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Under Eye Dark Circles

What are under eye dark circles?

Skin 'Dark circles under eyes' is not a formal medical term but used to indicate peri orbital hyper pigmentation. Dark circles under eyes, affect both men and women.

Although they usually aren't a sign of exhaustion or serious illness and are completely harmless, they can give you an old, unhealthy and tired look, taking away your youthful exuberance and can be a significant cosmetic concern for men and women alike.

Dark circles result due to the seepage in blood capillaries. Around the eyes, the fragile micro vessels leak erythrocytes which then enter the degradation and cleaning cycle. Skin in the peri-orbital area is the thinnest and softest of any area on the body with an average thickness of 0.5mm compared with 1-mm thickness over rest of body. The capillaries around the eyes are so thin that all the blood cannot pass at once. This leads to its seepage into the surrounding area. Over here blood is broken down into components, which are blue-black in colour.

Body's reaction to mop up the traumatized blood vessels also contributes to formation of dark circles. Dark circles are also be caused due to genetic factors

  • Sun exposure can worsen the dark circle and aggravate the aging process of the skin under the eyes. Apply a sunscreen every day before setting out from home. Black tea bags if put over closed eyes are helpful.
  • Salt induces fluid retention mechanism causing puffiness under the eyes, thus aggravating the dark circles. Therefore it is very important to control your salt intake.
  • Keeping awake late at night and smoking are aggravating factors and controlling them could keep dark circles under check.
  • Use of any medications that cause blood vessels to dilate, use of alcohol, use of contact lenses, excessive intake of soda or caffeinated beverages, severe malnutrition, tiredness and hypertension are other causes, which should be kept in mind.
  • A healthy diet is the most important precautionary measure. Include foods rich in antioxidants such as cranberries, black currant, onions, legumes etc.
  • Drink plenty of water.

At Bindal clinic, the treatment for under eye dark circles is done by an experienced dermatologist, with benefit of latest world class instruments. For proper treatment, correct diagnosis for the cause has to be made.

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