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Laser Hair Removal

In the last 25 years, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular aesthetic laser procedure in the world and has become very refined with time. Millions of patients, especially women have benefitted from this laser treatment.

We at Bindal Clinic™, have a long experience of 14 years with hair removal lasers. Infact, our clinic was the first one in Gurugram to acquired our own ALMA Diode Soprano Laser in 2010. This laser is considered one of the best in the world. We have thousands of satisfied patients and the laser is performed by well experienced and trained doctors.

Mechanism: Laser is a highly concentrated beam of light which attacks and destroys the hair root at a certain wavelength, without affecting the overlying skin.

Why you should choose Bindal clinicTM for laser hair removal.

  • We have most advanced and latest ALMA diode soprano iceTM & ALMA diode soprano proTM. Both of these lasers are the gold standard US-FDA approved devices for hair removal.
  • In addition to diode laser technology, ALMA diode soprano iceTM laser has unique additional ALEX TechnologyTM with 755 nm (Alexandrite laser wavelength) for left out/fine hair in latter sessions.
  • Most competitive price packages.
  • Bigger (2cm2) laser probe tip for faster treatment which comes very handy in whole body sessions.
  • No side–effects, pigmentation, blisters or burning sensation.
  • Best safety record.
  • Minimal risk of paradoxical growth.
  • Effective in all skin types.
  • Works in both thick as well as thin hairs.
  • Disposable hygiene tips for bikini and other sensitive areas.
  • Small facial tips for beard shaping, eyebrow shaping, ear and nostril hair.
  • Latest SHR (In Motion) technology.
  • Special HR treatment mode for any poorly responding hair roots.
  • Parallel cooling with laser tip itself (Dual Chilling).

Latest revolutionary US-FDA approved technology for quick and pain free laser hair removal.

Frequently asked questions?

How does a laser help in getting rid of unwanted hair?

A laser machine produces a highly concentrated beam of light which is absorbed at certain wavelength by melanin pigment present in hair root & produces heat which destroys the hair root.

Individually determined (different for each individual) Energy-Fluence, Pulse Duration & Total Energy delivered set by experienced laser specialist makes sure that your skin overlying the hair root is absolutely safe.
ALMA Lasers have an excellent safety record. We at Bindal Clinic TM with our long experience assure you of an absolutely safe treatment.

In ALMA diode soprano ice laser, SHR ('In-Motion technique') is used. This patented technology is absolutely pain free. Moreover, its Dual Chill contact cooling system, further helps in making the treatment rather a pleasant experience.

Laser targets only those hair follicles which have sufficient melanin at the time of treatment. At a time about 30% hairs are targeted. Therefore, we usually need 6-8 sessions to achieve good results. In few cases, were underlying hormonal disturbance is significant, we may need a few more sessions.

Hair removal by laser is the best available treatment for unwanted hair. It is US-FDA approved procedure & one can expect good results after 6-8 sessions.

You can go to work immediately after undergoing laser session.

With latest advanced lasers the side effects like pain, redness, blister formation, pigmentation & paradoxical growth etc. are no more seen. We can assure you an absolutely safe treatment.

For face, it may need only 10 minutes.
For full body also with bigger hand piece, we are able to finish the session well within 3 hours.

Yes. With excellent safety profile of ALMA diode laser, we can treat even sensitive areas like underarms and bikini areas also.

No. ALMA diode soprano lasers produces non-ionising rays, which is absolutely safe for your skin. They are US-FDA approved devices for hair removal.

Cost differs with the treatment area, however our clinic offers attractive packages. Please consult our dermatologist for the same or call 9560400327.

Pre-treatment precaution: As lasers works on hair roots, it is advised that waxing, threading or epilation is avoided before treatment, though trimming or shaving can be done. Post treatment precaution: If done on face or other sun exposed part. It is advisable to use sun screens for 3 days after the laser session.