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Growth & development issues in children

Signs of a Healthy Baby

  • A healthy baby looks plump, but not fat.
  • There is regular increase in height and weight.
  • TEyes are bright and clear.
  • He looks alert, curious and interested.
  • Skin is smooth and hair is shiny.
  • The baby appears tireless, movements are quick.

Motor, Motor Skills, Social, Language & Cognition Development

One month

  • Lifts chin slightly when placed on stomach.
  • Follows moving objects with eyes.
  • Gains information through senses.
  • Prefers faces to objects.
  • Preference for human face.
  • Head lags when pulled to sitting position.

Two months

  • Lifts chest well above surface when placed on stomach.
  • Holds head partially.
  • Cries to indicate needs.
  • Can distinguish between familiar voices.
  • Follows moving object 180 degrees.
  • Listens to voice & coos.

Three to four months

  • Reaches for objects, but unsteadily.
  • No head leg when pulled to sitting position.
  • Holds head steady.
  • Rolls from side to back or back to side.
  • Has complete head control when sitting in lap.
  • Holds head erect when carried.
  • Recognizes mother's face.
  • May not like strangers.
  • Grasps object that touch hand.
  • Tries to swipe at objects.
  • Interested in own hands and feet.
  • Listen to music.
  • Makes sounds, says "aah", "nagh".
  • Reacts when mother talks.
  • Smiles and laughs.
  • When held erect, pushes with feet.
  • Sees pallet, but makes no move to reach for it.
  • Excited at sight of food.

Five to six months

  • Sits alone briefly.
  • Reaches and grasps objects, but awkwardly.
  • Turns completely over when laid on back or stomach (prone to supine & supine to prone)
  • Prefers to sit with support.
  • Reaches and grabs objects.
  • Studies objects.
  • Looks for objects that are dropped.
  • Plays peek - a - boo.
  • Recognizes own name.
  • Distinguishes between friendly and angry voices.
  • Indicates pleasure and displeasure with sounds.

Seven to Eight months

  • Reaches for spoon.
  • Pull self up.
  • Sits briefly.
  • Can sit properly.
  • Propels self by elbows, knees, or squirming motion.
  • Eats with fingers.
  • Picks up large objects.
  • Imitates the actions of other.
  • Smiles at self in mirror.
  • Sorts objects by size.
  • Recognizes some word sounds.
  • Babbles i.e. makes verbal sounds without meaning

Nine to Ten months

  • Reaches for and manipulates objects with good control.
  • Picks up medium size objects as well as large ones.
  • Stands holding on to furniture.
  • More skillful with spoon.
  • Creeps on hands and knees.
  • Walks when led.
  • Searches for hidden objects.
  • Takes objects out of containers and puts them in.
  • Plays pat -a cake.
  • May say a few words
  • Obeys simple commands.
  • Creeps or crawl
  • Repetitive consonant sounds ("mama", "dada")
  • Waves bye-bye

Eleven to Twelve months

  • Stands alone.
  • May even walk alone.
  • Shows preference for one hand over the other.
  • Holds and drinks from a cup.
  • Fits blocks or boxes inside each other.
  • Picks up small objects using thumb and forefinger.
  • Handles objects skillfully.
  • Knows some parts of body.
  • Can pick up small objects.
  • Understands many words.
  • Says a few words besides "mama", "dada".
  • Makes postural adjustment to dressing.

1 to 1½ Years

  • Gradually improves from taking a few unsteady steps to walking well.
  • Stoops to pick up toys.
  • Turn several pages of a book at a time.
  • Picks up small objects easily using thumb and forefinger.
  • Scribbles.
  • May name a familiar object.
  • Hugs parents
  • Identifies one or more part of body

1½ to 2 Years

  • Runs fairly well.
  • Can stand on one foot.
  • Learns to walk up and down stairs, keeping both feet on each step.
  • Buttons large buttons.
  • Pulls down zipper.
  • Turns door knobs.
  • Stacks several cubes to from a tower.

2 to 2½ Years

  • Walks with more coordination and confidence.
  • Jumps off bottom step of stairs.
  • Pushes self on wheeled toys.
  • Turn pages of a book, one at a time.

2½ to 3 Years

  • Runs, but cannot stop accurately; runs into things.
  • Alternates feet going up stairs, but not going down.
  • Kicks ball.
  • Builds towers of about eight blocks.
  • Draws horizontal and vertical lines, circles.
  • Strings large beads.
  • Refers to self by pronoun "I".
  • Washes hands.

3 to 4 Years

  • Jumps up and down.
  • Skips and hops, Balances on one foot.
  • Walks on tiptoe. Rides a tricycle.
  • Catches a ball with arms straight.
  • Builds towers of about nine or ten blocks Makes a bridge of three blocks.
  • Cuts with scissors.
  • Draws recognizable pictures.
  • Uses a fork and spoon with little spilling.

Four Year

  • Dresses and undresses self.
  • Cuts on line with scissors.
  • Can jump forward as well as up and down.

Five Years

  • Ties shoelaces.
  • Draws recognizable person.
  • Skillfully picks up very small items.
  • Draws alphabet letters.
  • Stands and balances on tiptoe for short period.
  • Buttons and zips clothes.
  • Asks questions about meaning of words.

Six Years

  • Throws and catches balls with more ease and accuracy
  • Cuts, pastes, molds, and colors skillfully.
  • Writes entire words.
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