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Hair Transplantation

Male pattern baldness is a common cause of concern for males. It may present in the form of hair loss, thinning of hair and baldness giving one an older look.

Female pattern baldness, commonly occurring in 4th or 5th decade usually starts in the centre of the scalp.

What is the purpose of Hair transplant?

Purpose of hair transplant is to restore normal hair density to give more youthful appearance.

Follicular hair unit transplant is the standard technique. This technique is based on the fact that the hair on back of scalp is never lost and they retain this property even after they are transplanted to any other site.

Hairs from the back of scalp are harvested either with strip technique or follicular extraction technique. The individual follicular units are then dissected out under magnification carefully, without damaging hair roots. The follicular units are then inserted into slits made in the baldness area.

Dressing is usually not required.

Duration of Procedure is usually 7 to10 hrs depending on number of hairs transplanted. Procedure is done under local anesthesia.

One can go to work next day & use shampoo after 3 days.

Hair will fall out of transplanted follicles within 3-6 weeks after the procedure, leaving hair roots inside. After 6-8 weeks new hair start growing. Initially hair may be thin. Gradually they become thicker over time.

Results are permanent as these hairs are natural growing hairs.

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