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Congenital nevi are pigmented lesions present at birth; acquired nevi develop later. Most people think of a nevus/mole as being a dark brown spot, but nevi have a much wider range of appearance. They may be raised from the skin and be very prominent or may contain dark hairs. They usually are brown or black in color and can have various sizes and shapes.

Nevus may be

  • Superficial or Epidermal e.g. Becker's nevus, Nevus spilus
  • Deep or dermal e.g. Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito, Blue Nevus
  • Junctional or Dermo-epidermal e.g. Compound nevus, Spitz Nevus

Laser treatment of Nevus

Depending upon the depth of the lesion, different wave lengths and energy parameters of Q-switched Lasers are used for Nevus treatment. Excellent results can be obtained with laser treatment of Nevus of Ota and other Nevi. At Bindal Clinic, we use Q-Switched NdYag 1064, KTP 532 Laser for this treatment.